Your card reader partner

Nortech Access Card Readers

Nortech is a leading UK-based manufacturer of access card readers. Our highly experienced team with proven expertise in reader technologies and card formats makes Nortech your best partner for finding the right solutions for all your proximity card and contactless smart card projects.

You can be confident that our free consultation service will deliver the most appropriate and efficient card reading systems on time and within budget. You will also benefit from free, locally based technical support.

We have a wide range of readers that are available off-the-shelf, with a choice of designs for mounting on walls or door mullions, and for fitting into third-party panels. The product range supports many proximity card and contactless smart card technologies, and we can usually provide readers that will read existing cards and fobs. This enables our customers to extend existing access control installations or for existing smart cards to be used as access control credentials. We can also programme and supply a range of cards and fobs.

Our product support team are also able to work with our customers to develop bespoke readers to meet specific card reading requirements.

  • You decide – choose from a range of card reader designs and cards, fobs and tokens
  • Overcome technology problems – we support an extensive range of card standards (both 125kHz and 13.56 MHz)
  • Keep your options open – our readers are compatible with most third-party access controllers
  • Make savings when extending or upgrading a system – we offer dual technology readers
  • Work with a collaborative partner – OEM projects on any scale with full customisation
Nortech Control Systems

Nortech is an independent British control system company that specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative card access control systems, door entry systems and vehicle control solutions. 

Based in South Wales, we are one of the leading access control system manufacturers and suppliers in the UK and overseas. Whether you are looking for a security manufacturer for vehicle access systems, or door entry systems for people, we have it covered.

We work closely with our installation and distribution partners to provide complete solutions that meet their customers’ needs. The company’s success has been largely achieved through a close working relationship with its customers and partners in the security industry and has been established for more than 25 years.