nortech proximity readers

Proximity Reader Options

proximity card readerNortech offer a range of options for reading proximity cards with 125kHz card technologies.


The NorProx reader reads Nortech’s standard NP proximity cards plus similar open standard proximity cards, including those used by most leading access control and security companies. It also reads Paxton cards and fobs. Data can be output in Clock & Data, 26-bit Wiegand or serial data format.


Nortech’s famous DualProx® reader can read old style PAC fobs and new 125kHz type PAC cards and fobs as well as Nortech’s standard proximity cards and fobs. The reader provides outputs in 26-Bit or 44-Bit Wiegand plus PAC compatible serial data making it compatible with both PAC fobs and PAC controllers.

Special Variants

We can supply readers to support most card technologies. Each reader variant will support a chosen technology alongside our standard NP cards so that Nortech supplied cards can be used on the same system as other card types.

 Available Styles

These readers are available in the following styles: