Smart card reader to read UID of multiple technologies

Multi-ISO Smart Card UID Reader

tag it 2Contactless smart card technologies have many advantages over 125kHz proximity cards. These include:

  • Increased read range
  • Increased security
  • The large read/write memory can be used to store fund balances, medical records, biometric information, etc.

Dedicated Systems

Where contactless smart cards are used for high security access control, the high security is achieved by storing the cardholder’s unique identity in an encrypted form in a sector of the cards memory. This data can only be read by readers that have been specifically programmed to do so. If you wish to use contactless smart cards in this way, take a look at our LEGIC and Mifare products.

The UID Option

smart cardsAll contactless smart cards carry a ‘UID’ (unique identifier) which is less secure than other data on the card because it is open and available to be read by all compliant readers. Reading the UID of a smart card is comparable to reading a proximity card. Where contactless smart cards are being used, or are planned to be used for other applications, they can easily be adapted for use in medium security access control by using the UID of each card as its access control credential.

Nortech’s Multi-ISO readers are ideal for this type of application as they are able to read the UID’s of most 13.56MHz (ISO15693 and ISO14443A standards) smart card systems including:

  • Mifare Classic
  • DESFire
  • iCLASS
  • LEGIC Advant
  • Tag-it 2

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Available Styles

These readers are available in the following styles: