Nortech access card readers

OEM and Bespoke Solutions

OEM Partners

Nortech is always willing to work with OEM partners. As well as supplying panel-mount readers that can be fitted to a wide range of third party panels,  we can brand  any of our surface-mount readers as required by the OEM partner. We can also supply our Wall Switch and Mullion Mount readers in bespoke colours to match branding or architectural requirements. This also applies to Cards and Fobs.

From a technology perspective, Nortech can provide bespoke card formats and develop readers that can read existing card and fob formats to enable them to be used for multiple applications. The wide range of interfaces that are supported by Nortech’s reader range makes integration that much easier.

Special Projects

Many customers approach us with projects that need a bespoke solution to overcome a technical problem or avoid a major expense. Typically, they involve the need for readers that can read existing cards or fobs in order to replace or extend an existing system or introduce a new capability without the need to replace the cards or fobs that have been issued to hundreds of users. This may involve the need for a specific reading capability and, in some cases, may require readers that can read more than one card format or technology.